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Ashley Downs

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Why I chose Digital Marketing



Single Mom. Digital Creator. Branding expert. Supporting my family through educating my online community.



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Let’s get open about money. It’s a hush-hush, dirty topic, but one we’re all dealing with right now. As a single mom I found myself in a situation where I needed cash but didn’t have any more hours to give. That’s when I turned to digital marketing.

When my son was heading off to college, I got hit with extra expenses and the double whammy of losing child support. Devastating and STRESSFUL to anyone fighting financially.

I saw TikToks and reels popping up with different income ideas, but nothing felt legit. I even had my family sending me them! They all felt my struggle. It all seemed fake or scammy though.

Then I found the Digital Wealth Academy and their PLR products. I decided to dive in with their Sneak Peek pdf guide and realized

I could turn my personal experiences into income—real income, not just a cult like with MLMs while they want you to spend more to earn more of your hard earned money. This was 100% mine.

It was a no-brainer. I could make a huge impact on others’ lives while fixing my own situation.

It gives me the flexibility to work from anywhere, earn enough to cover those college bills, and still be there for my family. Plus, it’s opened the door for me to travel and help others using the skills I already have. Total game-changer!

If you’re a single mom dealing with similar challenges, digital marketing could be your ticket to financial freedom and adventure. It is definitely something I suggest to all of my mama friends, no matter your current financial situation. Digital marketing is just ramping up and about to change so many lives…is it about to change yours?

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Hi, I'm Ashley

Single mom. Digital Creator. Lover of online business. Hater of the 9-5. Dreamer. Doodle mom. Florida livin'

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If you're into show stopping branding, passive income, funny wit, things I find funny + probably way too many videos of my doodle... You've come to the right place. 

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